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Plugin Nip24
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Plugin for sites with the Joomla CMS system allowing for integration with the NIP24 database system.

Plugin works on the basis of any forms on the page made in any component or addon to Joomla. In the configuration of the plugin, you indicate the field id in which the user's tax identification number is entered and indicate the field id to be automatically entered company data from public business bases.

Usage for online stores and e-commerce:

  • Automatically download data to the order form and invoice
  • Instant data update, thanks to online connection with reference systems (no need to enter captcha codes)
  • Integration with major e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc ..)
  • Dedicated libraries for development environments: PHP, Java, .Net (C #), Python and others (on request)
  • Microsoft Excel add-on for non-programmers.
  • Programming interface (API) for generating and sending invoices and electronic receipts

Main functions offered by shared libraries:

  • Downloading basic data necessary for the correct issuing of a VAT invoice based on one of the following numbers: NIP, REGON or KRS
  • Downloading detailed (all available) company data based on one of the following numbers: NIP, REGON or KRS
  • Checking the current status of the company (active, suspended, completed)
  • Verification of entities from all EU member states in the VIES system (confirmation that the entity is an EU VAT payer)
  • Checking the entity in VAT based on the tax identification number (checking if the contractor is an active VAT payer)

In NIP24 databases there are over 5.73 million daily updated records describing in detail business entities operating in Poland, containing data such as:

  • Full name of the business entity
  • Tax Identification Number (NIP)
  • Number of the Central Statistical Office (REGON)
  • Name of the owner in the case of a business
  • Industry classification by PKD
  • A verbal type of business (based on the PKD code)
  • Legal form
  • Exact postal address: street with property number and apartment number
  • Postal code with mail
  • Location
  • Voivodeship, poviat, commune
  • TERYT codes for: voivodeship, poviat, commune, town and street
  • Business start date
  • Date of suspension / resumption / termination
  • Phone numbers *
  • Fax numbers *
  • Email addresses *
  • Website address *

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